Motorbike Sissy Bar Bag

Classic Sissy Bar Bags
DIMENSION: 21″W x 18″H x 10″D
Quick Release Buckles
Detachable Barrel Bag
100% waterproof
Universal fitting
Studded lid with Eagle

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This Motorbike Sissy Bar Bag is locked with insert buckle, easy to store and pick.

It works for a tool bag, riding in the rain or heat but its not waterproof, more water resistant. Also prevent the items from falling out. Tips: if you wash your bike or motorcycle, be sure to take this motorcycle handlebar bag off.

The handlebar bag saddlebags fork bags come with 2 adjustable buckle straps, which can be fixed multi position on motorcycle with a simple installation, making it very convenient to open and close.

Motorbike Sissy Bar Bag

Motorbike Sissy Bar Bag

Motorbike Sissy Bar Bag


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